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Google Workspace – Booking Pages to Schedule Appointments

Google Workspace is introducing appointment scheduling for selected Google Workspace editions. Introduced first for Google Workspace Individual users in June 2021, the appointment scheduling feature allows users to share their availability via a booking page, which can be used by external stakeholders, clients,…

Quick fixes to improve your website SEO

Are you not getting fruitful results even after putting lots of efforts and money on your SEO campaign? Do you wish to get high and relevant traffic on your website? Do you want to improve your brand visibility and presence? If the answers…

Best Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners

Social media platforms have proved their importance over time for marketing. Multiple studies have shown that your business can benefit if you come up with a right and effective social media marketing strategy. Popularly termed as SMM (Social Media Marketing), it can superlatively…

Responsive websites – Why it is a “Must Have”?

Responsive website is a website which is designed & developed such that it gives an optimal viewing and navigation experience on different screen size of devices ranging from personal computers to tablets and mobile phones. Responsive websites seamlessly adjusts its layout on different…

Google Fiber. The Takeover.

How many folks want fiber in their homes? [ everyone raises their hands ] Keep your hands up if you’ve looked into getting fiber. [ everyone’s hands remain up ] Keep your hands up if you have fiber at home today? [ 96%…

Google Drive is not Ready for Primetime

The dust on the Drive has settled

The Mobile Paradox


Look and Feel of Google Android Comes Together

10 Epic Android Apps (click image for larger view and for slideshow) Google has a new dress code for Android. The semi-open nature of Android has ensured that makers of Android handsets and developers of Android apps have considerable freedom to alter the…

The Web Is Shrinking. Now What?

We all read the statistics every week documenting the meteoric new growth areas of the Internet, and they are impressive: Online video is exploding, with annual user growth of more than 45 percent. Mobile-device time spent increased 28 percent last year

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