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What is HTML5 and why you need to use it?

HTML5 is the 5th revision of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) standard since the inception of World Wide Web. HTML5 was released on 28th October 2014 by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). This version of HTML has new functionality, elements, and attributes that allow…

Mobile is second tech priority for CIOs according to Gartner.

Orlando, Fla.–Mobile technology was identified as the number two tech priority for chief information officers, ahead of cloud computing, according to a survey of 2,336 CIOs conducted by Gartner. The number one priority was analytics and business intelligence, followed by mobile technology, cloud…

The 12 Best Free Mobile Apps for Commuters, 2012 Edition

Many of us spend hours getting from one place to another every day. Your smartphone can help you cut down on your travel time, or at least make the most of it. For example,

Tesco nails mobile shopping with QR Code virtual store

Tesco has used mobile phones to create what might be the most clever use of

Native Mobile App, Mobile Web App, or Mobile Website?

There is a lot of discussion about where to start when it comes too mobile applications, mobile websites, and mobile web applications.

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