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Bank of America tests QR code mobile-payment service

  The latest company to get into the mobile-payment market, the bank is using QR codes that let customers use a smartphone to scan pictures and make their payments.   Bank of America is testing a new mobile-payment service that lets customers use…

QR Haters… See Passbook App in IOS 6

I’m cautiously optimistic about Apple’s

Tesco nails mobile shopping with QR Code virtual store

Tesco has used mobile phones to create what might be the most clever use of

Printing QR Codes with a “Quiet Zone”

Do you know what the

QR Codes and the Idea of Free

I have been reading a lot lately about QR Codes and how wonderful they are for marketing and ROI. I agree wholeheartedly — but, and there is a huge BUT. The QR Code in and of itself is only one small part of…

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