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You are not on a right path if your business does not have a dominant digital presence. In today’s cut-throat competition era, it is crucial that you create a healthy and impressive digital presence by implementing digital marketing strategies and techniques.

We, at Meticul Solutions, have a team of dedicated digital marketing experts who have a proven track record to cater to custom business requirements. We have carved a niche for ourselves by offering high-quality, comprehensive digital marketing services to our clients.

Customized Digital Marketing Solution for your Business

Every business is different, and it needs a custom touch to present in front of prospective customers. We craft a customized Digital Marketing Solution for your business with unique design, content, and presentation that tells your Brand’s story.

Key Services

Content Marketing:

Content has always been the most potent weapon in any form of Digital Marketing. Based on the content you create and share on the Internet it determines your potential customers and followers. It is imperative for the success of any Digital marketing campaign to have content that will not only generate more leads or attract prospective customers but also create brand awareness.At Meticul Solutions, we generate powerful custom content in the form of articles, posts, videos, infographics, images/banners, etc. that will drive towards the digital marketing goals of your brand, hence increasing website traffic, generating more leads, creating customer engagement and developing customer loyalty.

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Social Media Optimization (SMO):

Social Media usage and influence on daily life is increasing daily. Based on the recent statistics 77% of the US population uses Social Media Click here Hence, Social media is considered as the most powerful & influential source to reach potential customers for businesses of any size.Social Media marketing involves creating & sharing powerful content that results in generating customer engagement in order to achieve your marketing goals. The social media messaging shall be designed such that it is a proper mix of informational, promotional, and impressive such that it leads to customer fondness and loyalty for the brand.

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Pay Per Click (PPC):

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an advertising process to show your business in the top 3 sponsored listing section of the Search Engine results page.With the increase in mobile searches, more than 85% of the clicks are received from the top 3 listing on the search results page. And these top spots are reserved by Search Engines (like Google & Bing) for the sponsored business listings. Hence, to increase your ROI on these PPC Ads, it is vital to not only select your keywords wisely and create most impressive Ad content but also to ensure having a quality landing page to generate leads & improve conversion.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO increases the likelihood of showing up your website in Search Engine results when your prospective customers are searching for the services you provide.Our team of SEO experts uses the latest and legitimate SEO practices to increase the ranking of your website in Search engine results. This, in turn, results in improving your website traffic and hence your ROI.

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Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Reporting

Our Digital Marketing strategy is driven by powerful data analytics and supported by business intelligence reporting using Power BI, Google Data Studio, and Tableau. Our reports provide deep insights & recommendations on every aspect of digital marketing efforts impacting your business goal & ROI.

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