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Best Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners

Social media platforms have proved their importance over time for marketing. Multiple studies have shown that your business can benefit if you come up with a right and effective social media marketing strategy. Popularly termed as SMM (Social Media Marketing), it can superlatively…

Illinois Bans Facebook, Social Network Password Requests by Employers

Illinois joins Maryland as the second state to sign legislation preventing employers from snooping on employees and job applicants on social networks, provided the applicants

Facebook Exodus

Facebook’s chief technology officer, Bret Taylor, is departing to start his own company, in the first exit of a high-profile executive since the social networking company’s IPO on May 18. In an announcement on his Facebook page verified by a company spokesman, Taylor…

Facebook Page Manager App

One of the gripes that I have about Facebook

Facebook Privacy Controls?

Investigation Looks at Data Collection through the Biggest Social Network; Nine Ways for Consumers to Protect Themselves YONKERS, NY

The Web Is Shrinking. Now What?

We all read the statistics every week documenting the meteoric new growth areas of the Internet, and they are impressive: Online video is exploding, with annual user growth of more than 45 percent. Mobile-device time spent increased 28 percent last year

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