Social media platforms have proved their importance over time for marketing. Multiple studies have shown that your business can benefit if you come up with a right and effective social media marketing strategy. Popularly termed as SMM (Social Media Marketing), it can superlatively improve your digital presence and make your brand more authoritative and supreme.

In addition to that, SMM is also one of the sure-shot marketing channels to engage with your customers and users directly. A carefully drafted SMM technique can create a unique online community of users who are genuinely interested in your offerings. You can use various social media channels to build awareness about offerings. It can even help small businesses to create an impact.

When you have a startup, you don’t have any option, but to be on different social media platforms to increase your reach. However, just being on social media won’t solve the purpose, you need to create a planned strategy and expected outcome out of it.

Here is the list of few tips that can help in making a dominant presence on social media platforms:

Decide your Social Media Platforms

As an amateur social media user, all you need to do is to choose a platform and concentrate on that instead of trying to work on all platforms! That’s the mistake that every beginner makes, and at last, they end up with nothing!

To find out which platform works the best, find influencers in your field and analyze their Social Media presence, as in look for leaders on social media and check their number of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Google Plus followers, and other platforms. So, if you end up finding more followers and user engagement on one platform as compared to other you know which one to prioritize.

Optimize your Social Media Profiles

After you have decided which social media platform suits best for you, the next step would be optimizing your profiles on those platforms. By optimizing profile, the chances of getting more followers would increase. It is an excellent way to boost your SMM efforts.

However, there are specific rules that apply to these sites such as:

When you use social media platforms for business expansion and to generate more traffic and brand awareness, it is essential that you come up with nicely written description about your business and offerings.

Give indications to other users regarding the type of information you are going to share? Mention the link on Facebook’s ‘About’ section or mention link in ‘Website section’ on Twitter and Pinterest. Write on ‘contributor to’ in Google Plus. Read articles related SEO boosting on social media if you want to get more info for more exposure.

Connect your Websites with Social Media Platforms

The next step is to link your official business website with your social media profiles. You can share the link of your blog and other product pages on social media channels too.

Share Content which is Exciting & Engaging

Exciting, engaging and original content is always the key to success for any social media marketing campaign. If your content is full of impressive images and videos, then you are going to get more shares and views. Hence, more visitors to your website!

Keep Posting as much as Possible.

How many times can you post in a day? It is the most common question asked by beginners in social media marketing. According to a study which analyzed the effect of posting too much content concluded that on Facebook Personal profile page you could post as many times as you want but when it comes to the Business page you shall post once daily or up to 5 times a week.

Winding Up

Well as a beginner, you can follow these tips to help you boost your social media marketing and to make a dominant presence on social media!