Are you not getting fruitful results even after putting lots of efforts and money on your SEO campaign? Do you wish to get high and relevant traffic on your website? Do you want to improve your brand visibility and presence?

If the answers of the all these questions are affirmative, this article is for you. With some tips discussed in this post, you will be able to skyrocket your website traffic with genuine inquiries.

Just implement below-mentioned tips in your SEO campaign, and you will start seeing results in no time.

Competitor Keywords

In an era of cut-throat competition, you cannot keep a blind eye on your competitors. You need to keep a close watch on what they are doing to get a competitive edge over them. Sometimes, it might help you to analyze where you are making mistakes.

Generally, good competitor research can reveal where they have gotten links from, and it can give you a great insight to where you could source them for yourself. No matter what field or niche you have targeted, competitor research will always yield good PR ideas.

You can also look at competitor’s on-page SEO to see what keyword decisions they have made and what USP they are using.  

To get a better idea on competitor keywords search, Use Google Keyword Planner and the Google AdWords keyword research tool to make the process simpler.

Redirect Chains

Being an SEO expert, you need to deal with the many problems related to redirect chains. Read below for few commonly known issues:

Slow Page Speed: We all know that the site speed can bore your users and they might switch to somewhere else. On the other hand, if your website loads fast, it can bring some numerous benefits. Ensure that your website page loading speed is good. It will lead to poor performance and poor conversion rates.

Lost Link Value and Conversion Rates: Due to 301 redirect chains, you may loss link value. It also could be one of the reasons behind the diluted page rank. Slow sites may affect the conversion rate and ROI.

Duplicate Content

The content that appears on the internet in more than one place is called  Duplicate Content. This content also affects your web page rankings. Duplicate content is often not manipulative and is commonplace on many websites and usually free from malicious intent. However, copied content can often get penalized manually or automatically by search engines.

Remember, Google and other search engines give priority to the original content over duplicate one. Hence, it is crucial that you ensure you have unique, engaging, readable and flawless content on your website. Put some efforts and come up with high-quality content to rank better. You can also take professional help from experienced content writers to write high-quality content.

Final Words

If you’re still checking out for more solution, you can do a small research, or take help from an expert SEO service provider. Being a professional SEO quick fixture, they will help you out on how to use Competitor Keywords, Redirect Chains And Duplicate Content to rank better on various search engines.