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RPA(Robotics Process Automation) in Logistics & Supply Chain Industry

In the previous article, we covered the definition of RPA(Robotics Process Automation) and how to validate and qualify a process for RPA. As part of the series of articles demonstrating the need and use of RPA in various industries, in this article, we…

Robotics Process Automation – How to select the right process to automate?

Every business in the current economy is required to adapt and transform to fast-moving and rapidly growing digital world. Fast internet, cloud computing, and SAAS applications have made it possible to do many manual tasks in a much faster and efficient way. This…

How to choose the right technology stack for your SAAS application?

Choosing the right set of tools and services before developing your SaaS application can be very tricky and challenging. Your team did a great job of putting together all business & functional requirements with all possible stories and use-cases, but now when it…

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