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E commerce market more commonly described as online shopping has been increasing and developing constantly in the last decade. Customer satisfaction score for online shopping (e-retail) as per American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) is at 82 out of 100 which is good (ref. link). Moreover, growing internet usage across the globe and advancement in technology solution for faster, convenient shopping, and reliable delivery options have led to an ultrafast growth in the E-commerce & m-commerce industry.

At Meticul Solutions we have a vision of providing custom e-commerce solutions catering to specific needs for every business. We want to bring the in store experience to your digital store and provide each business with great ROI by substantially reducing their operating cost.

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Our Solution - Meticul IntelEStore

IntelEStore is a custom AI powered E-commerce solution developed by Meticul Solutions team with the vision of replicating the in-store shopping experience in online shopping. We understand that every business is different, hence the IntelEStore solution is flexible enough to be customized for every business.

IntelEStore is powered by high tech features such as AI powered search experience, negotiations & discounts on the fly, chatbots for 24/7 customer services, integration with in-store POS, and all other standard features that you need to run your business online.

Key Features

AI Powered Search

IntelEStore features AI Powered search that understands customers needs based on their activity on your online store and produces custom search results and recommendations. This relevant and personalized experience results in converting shoppers to buyers.

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Dynamic Discounts

IntelEStore Dynamic Discounts replicates the real life bargaining and negotiating selling experience online. A lot of time in-store sales guys try to make a special offer to push customers to close the sale. With Dynamic Discounts we have successfully developed this personalized experience online.

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Chat bots

Bots are coming, actually they are already here. Chat bots have proved to be of tremendous value when it comes to providing outstanding customer service. Your customers never leave your online store without an answer 24/7. Chatbots help your online store make sales while you are away.

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Custom Themes

Every business has a different way of presenting their products to their customers. Our approach of developing custom themes ensures that we bring your presentation and personalized style of selling to your online store. So we create a custom design that not only represents your brand but also your style.

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In-Store POS Solution

IntelEStore now supports your physical store as well. So no more hassle of managing your store separately. IntelEStore provides you features like POS, and Inventory management all in one place so you don’t have to stress about managing your physical store and online store separately.

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