Online Privacy

Meticul Solutions LLC takes your online privacy very seriously. Unless you explicitly state otherwise, or we explicitly state otherwise and request your permission, any data that we collect as a result of your use of this Web site remains confidential.

Why do we collect ANY data on our users? Like many web sites, we collect non-personally identifiable information about our users primarily for three purposes:

  • To analyze our traffic patterns
  • To target information and service offerings to our users
  • To personalize our service for individuals or groups of users

In this statement, we let you know all of the ways that we collect data on our users, and how we use that data. The Required Legal Notices, collectively or individually, for any other Web site owned and operated by Meticul Solutions LLC may contain additional Required Legal Notices, Terms of Use. In these cases, this section may require that a visitor or subscriber of services agree to submission of data by you, or collection by us, to protect the intellectual property provided to a visitor, user or subscriber. In such cases applicable notices will be posted for your review.