Mobile is second tech priority for CIOs according to Gartner.

Orlando, Fla.–Mobile technology was identified as the number two tech priority for chief information officers, ahead of cloud computing, according to a survey of 2,336 CIOs conducted by Gartner. The number one priority was analytics and business intelligence, followed by mobile technology, cloud…

Bank of America tests QR code mobile-payment service

  The latest company to get into the mobile-payment market, the bank is using QR codes that let customers use a smartphone to scan pictures and make their payments.   Bank of America is testing a new mobile-payment service that lets customers use…

QR Haters… See Passbook App in IOS 6

I’m cautiously optimistic about Apple’s

Google Fiber!


Google Fiber. The Takeover.

How many folks want fiber in their homes? [ everyone raises their hands ] Keep your hands up if you’ve looked into getting fiber. [ everyone’s hands remain up ] Keep your hands up if you have fiber at home today? [ 96%…

Illinois Bans Facebook, Social Network Password Requests by Employers

Illinois joins Maryland as the second state to sign legislation preventing employers from snooping on employees and job applicants on social networks, provided the applicants

ATT, Verizon roll as iPhone sales sink

LAS VEGAS (CNNMoney) — A curious trend has developed in recent quarters: When iPhone sales fall, business improves for AT&T and Verizon. The second quarter was no exception, as AT&T’s (T,

The Final Demise of Flash

Late Thursday, an extraordinary thing happened: Adobe announced in a blog post that it would

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