Creating a website is no longer limited to the designers and developers. People from different walks of life are trying their hands on website building to promote their brand. But is it okay to create a website based on what you find attractive, condoning the needs of your customers and consumer behaviour on the internet?

Let us begin with the landing page – the place that your consumers will usually reach when they first visit your website. Is it a safe bet to let imaginations run asunder and let your creativity dominate the requirements of the landing page? With competition getting tighter by the day, we have charted the essentials of an effective landing page that can help anyone designing a website.

Your USP

Your Unique Sales Proposition (USP) includes:

1.  A crisp headline – This is what your customer reads first. Your effort of creating a positive impression begins here. Keep it crisp yet potent enough to drive your attention to your brand. Keep it within 20 words and be unique.

2.  An effective sub-headline – The sub-headline gets the user to stay and read further. It is placed below the headline and reinforces the impact of your headline. Sub-headlines can be longer and they can include more information on the brand.

3.  An explanation of the services or products you offer–Users should be able to easily identify the products or services offered by your brand. Explanations help them understand this. Keep it clear and concise.

Value Proposition

This is where you talk about the benefits of your website. This section of your landing page is dedicated to showing how your product or service adds value for your customers. Your value proposition is best conveyed through a list of benefits. Pick an attractive design instead of choosing a jaded bullet point list. And remember to talk about what’s in it for the customer and not about the company.

Create an Element of Urgency

Conversions usually slant towards websites that can create urgency in the mind of the users. Tell them of an offer that lasts for a short period of time and they are more likely to be interested in it. While creating urgency, remember to use powerful verbiage that will get them to explore your products and head towards conversion.

Use A Compelling And Highly Visible Call To Action

What is the use of all the creativity and insights you put into your landing page if it does not bring your user’s attention to a Call to Action? Pick a different colour to make it stand out or use a design that will compel your users to click on it and find out further.

Impactful Graphic Design

With website designing made easier and more accessible, the best way to differentiate between a well-put website and a quickly assembled one is the graphics. There is no denying that the devil is in the details. So reach out to your customers with graphics that stand out. Use visuals as much as literary content to keep your users engaged.


Lastly, a good website warrants smoothness in the flow of thoughts. Your customers should glide through the path you have charted for them from the headline to the Call to Action. A lack of fluidity may distract them and you may end up losing a potential consumer.

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