Do you serve pasta in a bowl or a plate? The answer will depend on your ease of eating out of a bowl or a plate, your presentation ideas, the texture and consistency of the pasta and your affability to one of the two crockery pieces when it comes to serving pastas.

Choosing between cloud server and dedicated server is very much like picking a bowl or a plate for pasta. How comfortable are you with cloud server? Do you find dedicated server to be easier than cloud platforms? What are your business objectives? Do they align better with cloud platforms which offer scalability and lower capital investment or do they incline towards dedicated server? Let us identify the reasons for picking cloud platforms or dedicated server to answer the question of when to pick which one of the two.

The Size Of Your Business and Scalability

Small-Scale Businesses – Smaller businesses usually require an online website that is easy to maintain and is affordable. This entails the use of servers which are scalable and competitively priced. Cloud servers fit the bill more aptly for such requirements.

Medium Sized Businesses – Depending on the extent of the business, a cloud server or a dedicated server can be selected. For businesses that are looking for quick deployment and scalable options, cloud servers are more suitable. Whereas a business that is more focused towards providing a rich experience to the same group of users with less intention to grow can go for dedicated server.

Large Scale Businesses – Most large scale businesses today use a combination of cloud and dedicated servers. Since cloud servers provide an unprecedented form of flexibility that is enjoyed by all businesses, they are usually preferred. But dedicated servers continue to be a choice option for large scale businesses because they warrant high performance.

Initial Investment

If you are starting a business with a lighter wallet then cloud platforms can make it easy for you. Dedicated servers involve extensive costs of installation and maintenance. Cloud servers go easy on the financial standing of your company.


Cloud servers are gaining an edge here too. While many businesses had their trepidations of cloud platforms, these servers have evolved into being more reliable and user-friendly. Dedicated servers are also reliable, but if it suffers a hardware failure, it can be expensive for the business.

Time Spent In Having Your Resources Online

Dedicated servers are trying to reduce the installation time but cloud servers are still ahead of them. If you want quick deployment of resources then cloud servers is your answer.

Security and Compliance

There are two viewpoints to this. The first, that cloud servers are less secure than dedicated servers because the cloud can be hacked into more easily. But another way of looking at it is that many small businesses may not be able to offer the same level of security as bigger, well-established websites. Websites like these can rely on the security offered by cloud servers which can help them stay secure and compliant to industry standards.

Managing Servers On-the-go

If you prefer managing your servers from anywhere in the world even through smaller screens like your mobile phone or tablet then cloud servers will help you achieve this. Dedicated servers may depend on the vendor’s availability of such features.

Selecting the right server and solution is a very crucial and long term decision for your business. Depending on your business goals, objectives and plan to grow it is very important that you have right solution in place that satisfy your critical business needs. Feel free to contact us and team of our expert hosting solution provider will be ready to help you identify the best solution that fits your business.  You can comment on this blog, email us at [email protected] or contact us by filling up contact form on our website.