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Meticul Solutions LLC is a Houston based, technology company. Started in 2009 out of a small one-bedroom apartment with two chairs, a coffee table, and two dreamers, the stage was set. Initially, Meticul was a website development company, but soon grew into what it is today a full service technology company with a distributed network of employees that cover two continents. We truly love what we do, and we do it well.
There is a quote that says: "If you don't know where you are going, any road will lead you there"

Meticul knows how to help you define where you are going, and give you the tools to get there. We do this with a simple philosophy:
We design shiny objects. We build websites. We build mobile applications. We manage social media. We tell your story.

We do all of this with the latest technology including HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Open Source technologies such as Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento and many others.


our process


mobile application development in Houston Texas

We analyse & understand


mobile app design company in Houston Texas

We document & plan


ecommerce development company in Houston Texas

We design & develop


web application development company in Houston Texas

We test & deploy


custom web development in Houston Texas

We maintain & support

Our Values

Passionate and Determined

We are equally passionate about all the projects we do and we are determined to help our customers grow by delivering the most optimum solution & service.

Process Oriented

At Meticul Solutions, we always follow a structured process to deliver successful project as we believe that a project pursued without a plan and process is meant to fail.

Customer Satisfaction

At Meticul Solutions, we believe that any project is not a successful project until you get a thumbs up from satisfied customer. Hence, we always ensure to deliver more than expectation.

Our Portfolio

mobile application development in Houston Texas
ecommerce development company in Houston Texas

Athlete Network

Athlete Network is one of the biggest network community that brings athletes together in one place to connect with other athletes, look for right career and get all you need around lifestyle of an athlete.

Athlete Network provides technology platform for athletes world wide to spread their network and connect not only with other athletes but also get access to Influencers, professionals and athletes hall of fame. 

Athlete Network gives access to top corporation employers with competitive mindsets that understands and cherish athletic traits. Hence giving opportunity to athletes to build their career in the right direction. 

Athlete Network also host great content that Fuels athletic lifestyle and helps athletes in all aspects of life.

Meticul Solutions is proud to be Athlete Networks technology partner in their journey to bring best networking platform for athletes worldwide.

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ecommerce development company in Houston Texas
web application development company in Houston Texas

Apply For Me

Applyforme.com is a unique concept and excellent service to help you with your job search and job applications. They take your resume, review it and also help you create a great resume and cover letter in addition to applying jobs for you.

ApplyForMe provides a subscription model with a monthly fees that allows its users to select appropriate package with number of jobs applications they would like have in a month. 

It helps you save time in finding job openings that fits your skills. Also helps you avoid stress & hassle of applying jobs at various different places while you focus on preparing for your next interview.



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custom web development in Houston Texas
mobile application development in Houston Texas

The Will Wall

TheWillWall is a platform that allows you to express your gratitude by sending a quick short video to your loved ones. You can instantly upload or record a quick short video using your computer or phone and deliver it to recipient via email or SMS.

TheWillWall is a start up by a veteran NFL player who had this idea to have a platform that makes it possible to never lose an opportunity to say Thank you to our loved ones who have ever impacted our life in a positive way.

Meticul Solutions team understood this sentiment and converted this idea into an IT solution in form of TheWillWall.com.


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mobile app design company in Houston Texas
ecommerce development company in Houston Texas

Paw Party

Paw Party offers a unique concept of ordering a gift box for Pets. Pamper yours and your friend's pets by sending a gift box for Pets.

Pawparty.com is an online store which provides a very interactive way to add items to your gift box order for pets. No more hassle to find items in various different places and then packaging & wrapping it. Its all taken care at Pawparty.com 

Pawparty.com is a built as responsive design making it easier to navigate and user friendly on all platforms (desktop, tablets and mobile devices).


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